After a bit of a hiatus...

We have just recorded four new songs and are looking at how to release them - watch this spot, or please get in touch with offers!

‘He’s the Best Singer Ever in the World’
- Richard's words on Domino

Ricky Spontane are a band whose members live in
London, Chartres and Liverpool.

At the moment, the members of the band are: Richard Batchelor (guitars and singing), Stephen A Wood (guitars and singing), Richard Osbourne (the bass), Talya S Davies (the drums) and Adrian Burke (the keyboards)

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Cartoon video of 'Delgado Song' (about 'The Master' in Doctor Who played by the wonderful Roger Delgado)
A comic set in Brian's Diner, the famous cafe in Liverpool (sadly now closed)
A guide to inner city birdwatching (from your window)

You might have noticed that there are quite a few Ricky Spontane songs about Fats Domino...

We have made a 'widget' featuring all 4. You can put this on your own web space by pressing 'SHARE' on the widget:


The four songs are:

  • Fats Domino
  • Domino
  • When the Fat Man came to Town
  • The Three F's (who are: Fats (Domino) and Frank (Sinatra) and (George) Formby)

Things from Richard~



The Depressed Vampire

The Unreasonable Monster

The Vase

William the Conqueress

"10 FANTASTIC SONGS" (an occasional series):

June 2005

October 2006


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