We have been doing some recording with Ash (Doc Horror from Zombina and the Skeletones). It has gone really well and we are very pleased with the result. Now just have to find someone to release it!

Stephen and Richard to play a gig in France, on the outskirts of Paris, in October:

Stephen has a psychedelic pop band called 'Trees and the Slipway' featuring Karl on bass and vocals, Matthew on keys, guitar and vocals, and Talya on drums.

Richard publishes his writing on Smashwords. Find his latest book here.

The recordings from a few years ago have now been mixed and mastered and made into our mini-album 'Spontane 3'

The gig at Gillespie Park was video'd excellently by Simon Bull, and is on Youtube.

We played on Saturday 10th May 2008 at the Buffalo Bar, in Islington - there are some songs up on YouTube from this gig:

Chelter Skelter (opens in new window)

Ancient and Modern (opens in new window)


And a few videos here from the gig at the 12 Bar in 2011.



Website updates:

13th May 2018: .Website updated finally again after 3 years!! We have new recordings... very exciting!

29th Sept 2015: New album added to the Shop page. We are not sure why it wasn't there before?! and Gigs page and News page updated with Paris gig.

28th Sept 2014: Gigs page has been updated with a Trees and the Slipway gig: News also updated.

10th May 2014: Some broken links fixed.

28th May 2012: Gigs page has been updated.

26th Oct 2011: New gigs on the Gigs page.

24th Nov 2010: News page has been slightly updated (see below).

3rd Aug 2009: New gig on the Gigs page.

28th Oct 2008: There is now a Mailing list you can join to receive occasional e-mails about news and gigs. We anticipate these to be few and far between!

21st Sep 2008: New Music page with widgets on

it and links to MySpace and YouTube.

1st Sep 2008: semi-discography of some records we've been on.