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Spontane 3 -

the 'New' album!

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Spontane Time

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Hit The Town
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Richard the 1st
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Antoine et Richard


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Track listings

Spontane 3-

Ancient & Modern / Ward Six / Get Friendly / Inhaler Dave / The Last Refuge / (Work Is) An Extraordinary Waste Of My Incredibly Valuable Time / My Wife, Before I Met Her / The Colours

Spontane Time-

The Dull Towns of England / The Rake / Chelter Skelter / Psychedelic Situation / My Favourite Restaurant / Amsterdam Hotel Lounge / I've Been Looking / Edsel / Hard Friend / Shoot-Out / When She's Flirting / [never be a] Milksop / Hey! Modigliani / Perfect Sound / Stop Paddling / King of Your Heart

Hit the Town-

Hit the Town / The Party Tiger / Domino / Good Things / The Lowsley Boys / Debut, So Big! / I've got to Move / The Late Review / Secret Sign / More Country Blues / Ooh Ooh Ooh / The Three F's

Richard The 1st -

If You Don't Want Me / Zing Zang Zong / Laughing Girl / Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea / Holler Holler Holler / De-Magnetised / In Paris / Iceberg / Shake Shake Shake / The Goat / When The Fat Man Came To Town / The Englishman